What we do

Applied Research: – Conducting research and publishing findings on critical public policy issues; designing and implementing public policy education and training programs; initiating discussion between diverse stakeholders on solutions to society’s most pressing needs; and providing applied research services. Some of the work along this stream includes:

  1. Public policy research and analysis;
  2. Organisation oriented Surveys: Customer and employee satisfaction surveys;
  3. Market research: Feasibility studies; impact assessments, KAP studies;
  4. Formative research for programmes/projects, Moniotirng, Evaluation and Learning (MEAL);
  5. Opinion polling on contemporary issues;
  6. Political Economy Analysis
  7. Independent topical research

Organisational Development Support: – Working with organisations to develop effective systems and structures to promote their effectiveness, efficiency and impact. Providing trainings, capacity development, supporting organizational planning, needs assessments, reorganization, strategizing, and guidance for developing desired organisation culture and purpose. Some of the work along this stream include:

  1. Strategic Planning;
  2. Action planning;
  3. Organisational restructuring;
  4. Project Cycle management;
  5. Data Analysis capacity development;
  6. Project/Programme development;
  7. Trainings and capacity building

Knowledge Brokering: – Establish platforms to facilitate access to information; Linking academia with policy makers, legislators, and experts to engage on public policy issues; Facilitating dissemination of public domain information like policies and legislation, and international protocols; Initiating discussion between diverse stakeholders on solutions to society’s most pressing needs.

Strategic Communication: – Counselling organizations to utilise the power of communication strategically to showcase impact, advocate for shifts in policy and mobilise stakeholder support for an initiative. Our expertise includes:

  1. Strategic communication counsel, strategy and execution to navigate dynamic operating environments;
  2. Content development and organisational storytelling on online and offline platforms;
  3. Training in media handling skills, business writing, crisis communication, among others;
  4. Digital communication – online reputation management, content plans and community management;
  5. Measuring impact of communication campaigns and initiatives;
  6. Stakeholder engagement and advocacy;
    Issues and crisis communication.