Date of Publish: 01/09/2022

Number of Pages: 32
Publisher: Tax Justice Network Africa, East Africa Tax and Governance Network and Africa Center for People Institutions and Society

The Role of Private Creditors in Kenya’s Public Debt Problem

This study, conducted in collaboration with @TaxJusticeAfrica and @EATGN, sought evidence on the role of private creditors in debt crises and the human costs associated with them. Despite its significance, key stakeholders like parliamentarians, finance ministers, the World Bank, the IMF, regional organizations, civil society, and the media have paid little attention to the role of private creditors in causing debt distress in developing economies. Click: Findings from the research point out that private sector debt has had a negative impact on the country's development agenda by slowing down the realization of fundamental human rights, contributing to the downgrade of the country's credit ratings, diverting resources from crucial social services through debt servicing, and reducing private sector investment in the region. Read more:
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