Panafrican Ideas Colloquiums

  1. ACEPIS seeks to increase information use and stakeholder engagement towards enhanced policy relevance to inclusive, sustainable development in the East African region. It seeks to utilize the concept of Knowledge Brokering to increase engagement amongst stakeholders; to identify and bring together different stakeholders in East Africa and build relationships and networks for sharing existing information from research and development practitioners and facilitate the use of such information to inform policy. Panafrican Ideas Colloquiums aims to:

    • To increase opportunities for evidence to inform and influence the character of policymaking both at national and regional levels in East Africa
    • To create an environment fit for building relationships and trust amongst stakeholders in public policy and to stimulate further consultations and engagements useful for policy and developmental dialogue across East African states
    • To provide an institutionalized arrangement for collating, synthesizing and repackaging evidence for increased policy relevance 
    • To increase the opportunity for raising critical issues that need policy attention and/or policy review and form the basis for their pursuit

    The inception of Panafrican Ideas Colloquiums was motivated by the reality that:

    • There is a poor representation of crucial stakeholders and dominance of the executive in policymaking also characterized by costly and shallow stakeholder consultative processes 
    • Policymakers find it hard to converge with research/and popular public opinion in the process of policymaking and routine state building  
    • Researchers are invariably not sufficiently clear about the information needs of policymakers 
    • Useful analyses of new knowledge suitable for policymakers and interpretation of government policy for citizens and other stakeholders is hardly sufficient and a challenge to governance and development 
    • There is the inadequate initiative to translate academic research into action-oriented research outputs relevant to policy and to engage public officers and sources of crucial information in mutually supporting forums for knowledge exchange